Walk of freedom question 16

Hannie Schaft

Hannie (Jannetje Johannna) Schaft was a well-known Dutch communist and ardent resistance fighter.

She is also often referred to as: 

  1. Jopie
  2. The daughter of Master Schaft
  3. The singer from Haarlem
  4. The girl with the red hair

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Video: Woman in the resistance 

A bronze female figure stands on a stone base. With strong arms she pushes away two large plates that symbolise fascism. The statue pays tribute to resistance heroine Hannie Schaft, also known as the girl with the red hair, and all the other women who devoted themselves to the fight for freedom during the war years. Truus Menger-Oversteegen, fellow member of the resistance and friend of Schaft, designed the statue. On 3 May 1982, Princess Juliana unveiled the statue ‘Woman in the Resistance’. Every year, on the last Sunday of November, the National Hannie Schaft Commemoration takes place in Haarlem and is open to all who wish to attend.