Walk of freedom question 18

Kruispoort city gate

The Kruispoort (Cross Gate) was blown up during the siege of Haarlem and left a huge crater. In 1593, the cross gate was rebuilt.

What was hung on the gate on certain days? 

  1. A cross
  2. A man
  3. A woman
  4. The coat of arms of Haarlem

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Video: Kruispoort city gate

The medieval Kruispoort city gate once was one of the entrances to Haarlem. People entering the city were closely watched as not everyone was allowed in. A cross hung over the gate during annual fairs signified that outcasts had temporary access to the city. This is where the name Kruispoort (gate with the cross) originated.

During the Siege of Haarlem (1572-1573), the Spaniards blew up the Kruispoort, leaving an enormous crater. Nowadays there are no more (blocked) gateways to the city. Everyone is welcome. Slightly lighter paving stones that light up at night mark the location of the former gate.