Walk of freedom Question 11

Jewish Monument

During WWII, 107,000 Dutch Jews were deported to concentration camps. This Jewish Monument commemorates the Jews from Haarlem who never returned.

What do the numbers beneath the years 1940 and 1945 signify?

  1. The number of Jews that were killed
  2. They are Jewish calendar dates
  3. The coordinates of the monument
  4. A mysterious code

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Video: ‘For them I cry’ – Jewish monument

During World War II, 107,000 of the 140,000 Jewish people in the Netherlands were deported to concentration camps. Only 5,000 returned. Half of the 1,400 Jews from Haarlem survived the war. The Jewish Monument in the Wijde Appelaarsteeg, unveiled in 2012, reminds us of the immense loss of lives.