The Irrational Library

Goodtimerocknroll, spokensoul, boogieforyourbrains, funkedupfreedom, partyprotestmusic. Alright!  The Irrational Library – a full frontal force of spoken word and hip shaking, bootie quaking, bad ass musical bump to your cerebral lump.

Featuring Haarlemtown’s Stads Dominee Tom de Haan on baritone sax and guitar, multitalent musical wizard Mishal Zeera on bass, percussion prodigy Lars van der Weiden on drums and the spoken word wisdom of Joshua Baumgarten.  The Irrational Library, the offspring of the awesome power generated by bands like the almighty MC5 and wordsmith Gil Scott-Heron.

The Irrational Library, the party protest band for our modern times.  Fighting the good fight and having a great time doing it.  Inviting you all to come and join us as we get up to get down, one and all, together.