La Gran Pegatina

Here is the big news of the year 2016: LA PEGATINA becomes LA GRAN PEGATINA during 5 months! 13 musicians on stage and 1 VJ creating visuals live on a big LEDs screen in the back of the band.
The new members are:

  • Maribel “La Canija” (Flamenco singer)
  • Pipo Ti (reggae singer)
  • Tuli (saxophon)
  • Marcos Crespo (trombon)
  • Victor Guadiana (violin)
  • Miki Florensa (electric guitar)
  • Thibault Chenard (VJ)

This new project will make history everywhere it performs! The tour 2016 will begin on the 29th of April at Viñarock festival and will end in Madrid on October with two concerts at La Riviera.