Dan is a proper storyteller. Raised on Bruce Springsteen, it shows. His songs have the detail and intimacy of The Felice Brothers at their finest. His strong narratives harbour a darkness akin to Townes Van Zandt. His voice is a mixture of yearning and insistent. It’s like Richmond Fontaine went out for a beer with The Band and they both came out the better for it.

The thread of the rambling man runs through his work in the same way it runs through the man himself. He’s lived in London, Toronto, Amsterdam and Haarlem, and toured all over the world. He got good at leaving and he got good at writing about it. He’s opened for the great C.W Stoneking, Elliott Brood, Bob Wayne & Scott Kelly. These are traveling songs, songs about being lost, living hard, living free and dying; singer-songwriter stuff but the harder kind.

Instagram: @dangermanofficial