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Walk of freedom question 24

Haarlemmerhout The Haarlemmerhout is the oldest urban forest in the Netherlands. Each year on 4 May we commemorate the fallen with a Memorial Concert here. On 5 May it is where we celebrate freedom with the Liberation Pop Festival. Liberation Pop is the oldest liberation festival in the Netherlands. In 2021 we will celebrate its […]

Walk of freedom question 23

Man in front of firing squad On 7 March 1945, the German occupiers executed fifteen members of the resistance; a retaliation for the murder of police officer Willem Zirkzee How old were the youngest persons executed? 19 20 25 31 To answer the question go to the reply form. Video: Man in front of the firing […]

Walk of freedom question 21

Grieving woman With a shot fired from the gymnasium of the Bavoschool, the resistance liquidated policeman and NSB-member Fake Krist. The German occupiers retaliated by setting four houses on fire and one day later, on 26 February 1944, by publicly shooting ten members of the resistance on the Westergracht. This event is the start of […]

Walk of freedom question 20

Corrie ten Boom Corrie ten Boom was a member of the resistance fighter who later became an evangelist. Corrie and her family hid Jewish and other refugees in a secret room in their house. What was the profession of Corrie’s father? Art dealer Greengrocer Pharmacist Watchmaker /Jeweller To answer the question go to the reply […]

Walk of freedom question 18

Kruispoort city gate The Kruispoort (Cross Gate) was blown up during the siege of Haarlem and left a huge crater. In 1593, the cross gate was rebuilt. What was hung on the gate on certain days?  A cross A man A woman The coat of arms of Haarlem To answer the question go to the […]

Walk of freedom question 16

Hannie Schaft Hannie (Jannetje Johannna) Schaft was a well-known Dutch communist and ardent resistance fighter. She is also often referred to as:  Jopie The daughter of Master Schaft The singer from Haarlem The girl with the red hair To answer the question go to the reply form. Video: Woman in the resistance  A bronze female […]

Walk of freedom question 15

‘Sinterklaas’ roundup A major roundup (razzia) took place in Haarlem on 6 December 1944. On this particular morning, the day after Sinterklaas, all men between the ages of 17 and 40 were to report for the Arbeidseinsatz (forced labour) in Germany. On the plaque, you will read the names Rees, Bienen and Praest. These are: […]

Walk of freedom Question 11

Jewish Monument During WWII, 107,000 Dutch Jews were deported to concentration camps. This Jewish Monument commemorates the Jews from Haarlem who never returned. What do the numbers beneath the years 1940 and 1945 signify? The number of Jews that were killed They are Jewish calendar dates The coordinates of the monument A mysterious code To […]

Walk of freedom Question 6

Great or St. Bavokerk The Great or St. Bavokerk is the second largest church in Haarlem and has been a church for both Catholics and Protestants. What kind of church was the Great or St. Bavo church between 1559 and 1573? Chapel Cathedral Basilica Cross Church To answer the question go to the reply form. […]

Walkoffreedom Question 2

City Hall Haarlem city hall was originally built as a hunting lodge in 1250 by Count Floris V.  In 1351, the building was destroyed by a large fire that swept through the city. It was reconstructed and turned into a city hall. You are standing in front of this building. If you look up, you […]