Artino is a 20 year old dj/producer/singer-songwriter, who made an unexpected journey from being a allround/party dj to being active in drum and bass.

Playing alongside names such as Feint, NCT, T & Sugah and Signal, Artino has built a lot of experience performing as a drum and bass artist. He’s a resident DJ at the quickly growing party ‘Moonshine’, and is also playing at parties all trough the Netherlands.

Having competed in many dj contest as a teenager, he gained a lot of skills (and also friends), just by seeing how others do what they do. Winning these dj contests, he often got to play at festivals, clubs et cetera.

As he has successfully released two singles as an independent artist, his goal is to get signed at Liquicity and also play at their events, so more drum and bass fans can get a taste of Artino’s’ energetic vibe.