Jack and the Weatherman

Jack and the Weatherman is an acoustic duo from Haarlem in the Netherlands. This two-man-band plays guitar, ukulele, harmonica, foot tambourine, a homemade kick drum, and sings with mouth, hands and feet! With this unique formation, lots of energy and smooth harmonies they play beautiful pop/folk songs in a storytelling kind of way, as if they’re a full on band. On Spotify the boys have a staggering 6.000.000 streams and are now slowly touring through Europe.

Their single ‘Free (2014)’ made them 3FM Serious Talent ( on of the biggest dtuch radiostations ).The new single ‘Being me (2015)’ can often be heard on ‘De Staat van Stasse’ on Radio 2. The boys played many festivals in the Netherlands like Kadepop, Uitmarkt, MadNes and Surfana. And support shows for Xavier Rudd, Raul Midon and Sticky Fingers in venues like Melkweg, Paradiso and Patronaat. In December the boys could often been seen during Serious Request in Haarlem. They played at the 3FM Serious Talent Festival and they were guests in ‘Glazen huis (2014)’.

On the 18th of April 2015 they released their second EP ‘Homewards’ in a sold out Patronaat in Haarlem. This EP was recorded by Jasper Zuidervaart and mastered in Wisseloord and was inspired by the many changes the boys have been through since leaving their hometown. Letting go, saying goodbye, living and adapting all play a big roll on this new EP. By just using singing, guitars, ukulele and additional percussion instruments like an accordion case, homemade shakers, a tambourine or even a bin the songs got a very intimate sound.

They boys promoted the EP Homewards in a very original way, they did it on a bicycle!
Packed with instruments they cycled a solid 350 kilometers from their hometown Emmen al the way to Haarlem which is the city where they live now. Along the way they played at several radio stations and did living room concerts in different cities so they had a place to sleep. This tour was documented and released as a video clip for ‘This Town’ which is about Haarlem.